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Members of the Hester Schuyler Colfax Chapter, NSDAR, meet on a monthly basis in the Pompton Lakes/Wayne New Jersey area, usually at noon. We are actively seeking new members, and would warmly invite you, as a prospective member, to attend one or more of our meetings. Our "Programs" section has more information on the dates of our meetings, and program topics. Please contact us first, if you would like to attend same.


Jennifer Norato
Vice Regent:
Carol H. Weber
Mary Ann Potts Raimo and Lorraine Storbeck
Recording Secretary:
Carol H. Weber
Corresponding Secretary:
Kelly Stocchetti
Gail Cohen
Lynne Skead
Melva Murray and Linda Wass
Marjorie Broseman and Beth Gatlin

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A list of scholarships available through the DAR may be found here. Applicants must obtain a letter of sponsorship from their local DAR chapter. (The only exception is the American Indian Scholarship.) After reviewing the scholarship list, if you would like to apply for one or more, and would like our chapter to sponsor you,, please contact us.

HISTORY of Hester Schuyler Colfax Chapter
by Carol Harris Weber

Hester Schuyler Colfax Chapter was organized and received its National Charter in 1928. The organizing regent was Jessie Peckham (Mrs. Ernest) Guenter. The chapter name was chosen to honor Hester Schuyler who married Captain William Colfax of Washington's Guards.

Schuyler and Colfax Families
Hester Schuyler and William Colfax met at her home on the Old Paterson-Hamburg Turnpike when George Washington and eight of his officers came to dinner. Captain Colfax, although wounded three times, remained in service to his country through the surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown. He then returned to the Schuyler home to live out his life as a country gentleman.

The Schuyler-Colfax House, the original section of which was built in 1695, still stands in Wayne, New Jersey, as a museum. Until 1993 when Dr. Jane Colfax sold her home to the town, it was one of the very few houses in the United States that had been lived in continuously by the same family.

Chapter History
Under the capable leadership of Patricia Sunbury Morgan in the early 1970's, the chapter showed a new vitality. Two chapter members were chairmen of their town's Bicentennial Committees in 1976, and colonial-costumed members rode on a decorated float in Wayne, New Jersey's Fourth of July parade.

Our Yorktown Bicentennial Regent, Gretchen Thomas Tiederman, was instrumental in having a historical marker placed on the campsite where French troops, under the command of General Count de Rochambeau, camped on the Mandeville farm in Pompton Plains. Two members enjoyed the New Jersey State organized bus trip to Yorktown for the Bicentennial celebration.

Chapter members over the years have attended naturalization ceremonies in Paterson and Newark. Volunteer work in the veteran's hospitals and nursing homes became more hands-on in the 1990's when regent, Ethel O'Brian Hawryshuk spearheaded the efforts at the Paramus Veteran's Home, by supporting the annual bingo game and distributing Christmas gifts. A number of Community Service Awards have been bestowed on area residents. Over the years, the winners have been given a presentation booklet as a keepsake.

This chapter has been active in supporting the National Society's school projects with monetary and clothing donations. On the local level, Grace Foster Chatfield began awarding National Defense Good Citizenship medals in 1979, and now three middle schools have hung plaques naming their students who have received recognition. This endeavor won public relation's awards for the chapter on the state and national levels. Chapter chairman, Erynn Parker Murray, ably assisted by Mevla Paine Murray, issue ten Good Citizenship medals a year to students in five area middle schools. The chapter was honored to sponsor two state winners of the Outstanding American History Teacher contest: Clifford Ainsworth (in 1987) and Dr. Walter Krawiec (in 1993).

Marjorie Zug Broseman, Good Citizen and Scholarship Award Chairman, now capably handles the presentation of awards to area high school seniors, begun by Gretchen Thomas Tiedeman in the 1970's. Among the notable Good Citizen winners have been Harlene Nelson who attended West Point, Laura Bykowski and Adelia Rockman appointed to the Air Force Academy and three students who won on the state level: Daniel Philippon in 1988, WIlliam Bennedict in 1989 and Kailee Brickner-McDonald in 2003. DAR State Scholarship winner in 1992, Emmeline Li also won the Betty Bradbury Vail State Scholarship as did Kristian Dyer in 1999. A special luncheon event was the presentation to Marjorie Brown, a 1942 Good Citizen winner, of a replacement medal for her original lost somewhere along life's highway.

As chapter registrar in 1980, Carol Harris Weber began lineage research workshops and programs on a chapter and state level that have aided prospective members, as well as members, in their quest for family history. Books on genealogy, history and Manuals for Citizenship have been presented to local libraries and schools.

In 1990, then regent, Margaret Smith Day, donated a dark blue Staffordshire tureen to the Washington Memorial Chapel Museum during New Jersey Sunday at Valley Forge. This antique piece features a view of the Passaic Falls. Chapter picnics and meetings have been held at a variety of historical homes in Wayne including the Dey Mansion, the Schuyler-Colfax Home and the Van Riper-Hopper House. Suzanne Kellner Keeffe opened her charming 18th century farm house in Pequannock for Christmas parties. Bertha Gass Fiore and daughter, Jean were hostesses for picnics and a Christmas celebration at their pre-Revolutionary farmhouse in Sussex.

Throughout the years, the chapter has had many dedicated and committed members. Jane Austin Vaughan held the office of Treasurer for many years and then became Chaplain. Ethel O'Brian Hawryschuk assumed the office of Treasurer after Jane and still efficiently keeps the chapter books in 2006. Our newest member, Mary Ann Potts Raimo, has willingly become Chaplain for the 2003-2005 term. Joanne Hartley Curry accepted the office of chapter secretary in the late 1990's and remains, to the present day, the excellent keeper of our monthly history.

Bertha Gass Fiore continues to give interesting National Defense reports at meetings. Although Patricia Sunbury Morgan moved to Florida, she has maintained her connection to the chapter by sending handmade table decorations and items for our silent auction. Past chapter registrar, Doris Ruth Hinchman, has been an enthusiastic supporter of the DAR Schools and the American Indian chairmanships. She has now taken on the task of DAR Project Patriot. In the coming year the Hester Schuyler Colfax Chapter will be celebrating the 92nd birthdays of Alice Eggermann Tenthoff and Grace Foster Chatfield -- truly momentous occasions indeed.

The Hester Schuyler Colfax Chapter has been honored to have four members who held office on the state and National level. Grace Foster Chatfield served as a member of the National House Committee for Continental Congress for many years, becoming a Vice-Chairman in 1988. As Northern District Director, She arranged the first State Historical Day that was held around the Paterson Falls. Grace was also a State Insignia Chairman. Patricia Sunbury Morgan served as a Page at Continental Congress and State Conferences. She was an excellent Young Homemakers State Chairman in the 1980's.

Carol Harris Weber became an area representative of the DAR National Speakers Staff in 1983, a position that she will hold for life as an Honorary State Regent. Carol began her role in the State Society as Lineage Research Chairman and Music Chairman in 1986, State Registrar in 1989, State Vice Regent in 1990, and achieved the office of State Regent in 1992. As such, she was a member of the DAR National Board of Managers. Melva Paine Murray has been a State Chairman of the Junior American Citizens, and the Betty Bradbury Vail Scholarship Committees. She ended three terms as Chapter Regent in 2003, and has been succeeded by her daughter, Erynn Parker Murray. These two members enjoy the distinction of being the only mother-daughter Regent and Vice Regent in the chapter's history.



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